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Why should I buy Tristars bucket teeth and adapters?
Tristars has been in the industrial spare parts business for over 17 years and has gained a solid know-how in this sector, being a proven leading company with concrete experience.
Tristars products have a proven durability, as they are tested under real work and different climate conditions, due to Turkey’s geographical condition.
Tristars products have been certified with ISO Quality Assurance specifications, guaranteeing its high quality and liability.
What advantages do I have from buying Tristars products?
Tristars gives full guarantee to all of its products.
Tristars has accessible and easy shipping conditions and procedures, according to customer needs.
Delivery of partial as well as full containers.
Prompt delivery* (since 80% of the products are on stock in Turkey and 20% to be produced, with a maximum time limit of 30 days).
Tristars has more flexible and accountable payment options.
Tristars has a wide range of products (more than 350 types on stock).
Tristars has a specialized international marketing department, allowing a clear communication when assisting customer needs.
This department includes a team who is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish.
How can I trust your company’s quality?
Tristars has the ISO Qualification Certificate.
Tristars ideology revolves around conducting its business in a way that holds a respectable position in the world. This includes being in compliance with the laws and the commercial code of ethics as well as being competitive.
Why should I buy from Turkey instead of China?
Turkey’s geographical location enables different logistical options in its shipping procedures, without excluding the option of allowing shipping from China as well, according to customer needs.
80% of Tristars’ products are always on stock, allowing a punctual delivery upon request.
Do we have guarantee on Tristars’ products once received? Are we amended if we aren’t satisfied with Tristars’ products?
There are 3 optional guarantee** procedures:
The product(s) will be sent free of charge in the next order against those that are defective or broken for their normal wearing life.
What are your products made of?
Tristars’ products are made of casted iron, steel alloy and are heat treated.
Tristars has a carefully selected team of professionals who continuously verify the compliance of regulations within the quality assurance policy.

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